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Shanghai Heizing Management Consulting Co., Ltd is a human resource service company specialized in the search of senior management and professionals.

Heizing has been providing satisfactory human resources services including headhunting and recruitment process outsourcing service to well-known multinational companies, publicly listed companies and large domestic companies.  As of today, Heizing has made a large number of successful cases and became a long-term strategic partnership to most of the customers.

Meantime, Heizing's customers geographically are from Yangtzi River Delta to Central,Southern and Northern China. Its business coverage is high-tech, real estate, consumer goods and internet industry.

Committed to create a bridge connection between the individuals and organizations for mutual growth, to increase the organizations ‘competitiveness via efficient services, and to provide tailor made consultancy of individual career planning. By closely communication with the organizations and individuals, we helped rapid growth of both organizations and individuals.


Professional Team

Heizing’s consultants on average have over 8 years of experiences in industry and HR recruitment. The experienced consultants can quickly understand the requirements of the companies, and provide rapid solution with professional knowledge and in-depth industry information.  


Headhunting Consultant Project Management System is used for every single recruitment.  The project team is composed of headhunter consultant and research specialist.  At the same time, the senior consultant team with high attainments provide specific advice and guidance as per their expertise.

Open Project Tracking System

Heizing uses an advanced Headhunting Project Management System that can be remotely accessed by clients’ HR team.  The HR team, headhunters and researchers share project information in the system, such as candidates ‘resume, clients ‘interview feedback, headhunters’ interview report, researcher's search list, customer competitor information and etc.  It helped HR to control and monitor the project progress. 

High Success Rate

Heizing’s high success rate is driven by hard and highly competitive work.  In numerous competitions, Heizing has won among other rivals including the well-known international headhunters and located the most suitable candidates for the companies, with its thorough and comprehensive work attitude. 

Strong Resources

Heizing has a strong platform of Headhunting Company Special Database and record systematically each project management.  It has accumulated a large number of personnel in high-end management, professional and technical areas. 


Extensive network and large database are also the important sources of talents for Heizing. Heizing maintains good relationship with a group of talents and their connections in each skilled field.  Heizing is always committed to provide them the opportunities and platform to develop. 

Standard And Normative Service Processes

At the search phase, we outline an interview structure according to the client’s JD, and conduct a full interview for the candidates.  We identify the most suitable candidates and write a recommendation.  We make sure the recommendation on the strengths and weaknesses is genuine and reliable.


At the background check stage, we conduct the check effectively and report to the companies truthfully. We also protect the candidates’ interests and benefits.


At the offer negotiation stage, we coordinate the companies and the candidates for a smooth negotiation, balance the rights and interests of both parties and achieve the satisfactory results.


During the counseling period, we regularly follow up on the candidates after they start the job and help them adapt into the new environment and new position quickly. 

Rapid Response Mechanisms

Tailor made customer service

Rapid response to customer needs

High commitment of recommending at least 2 candidates per week

Professional Consultants In A Wide Range Of Fields

 Heizing has a strong consultant team with specialized expertise in variety of industries.  The team are highly skillful and always provide guidance to the specific projects.  Their participation in interview gives the accuracy of the technical parts and actively promoted the program. 

Professional Talent Evaluation Software.

Heizing provides Talent Evaluation service for the companies and candidates and it is a good reference for both companies’ HR team and individuals.

In the personal career development section, the evaluation software helps analyze the individual’s own strengths and weakness.  From the evaluation results, the individuals can adjust and improve their career plan.

During the recruiting process, the HR may request the evaluation results in order to make sure the right candidate in the right position.